We have been fortunate to get some great write ups from some of the national press and the food industry’s leading voices.


The Metro gives us a very nice write up… 


Soil Association

Where’s This From shortlisted for the Soil Association Innovation Award

The Soil Association Innovation Award celebrates outstanding innovators in farming and growing across the UK. It recognises the achievement of individuals, teams, companies or organisations who are (1) pioneering practical new approaches to farming and growing; (2) achieving real benefits for people, the planet or animal welfare; and (3) promoting sustainable agriculture in line with organic principles. We’re thrilled to be shortlisted and looking forward to pitching to none other than Monty Don!


iOS 7 Issues

We had a little trouble with the update to iOS7 however we are proud to report that we’ve found a solution and a new, improved version is in iTunes ready to be downloaded! Please ensure you’re using the latest version to ensure the app works smoothly in iOS7!


YBF Badge of Excellence

We had a great time at the Young British Foodie Awards 2013. Our category went to the very well deserved Real Bread Campaign but we managed to pick up a YBF Badge of Excellence. A fantastic experience and a great way to celebrate innovation in British food.

You can find out more about the YBFs by clicking here.

River Cottage

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall adds Where’s This From to his Channel 4 Scrapbook

Hugh has added our little app to his Channel 4 Scrapbook – where you can find his latest recipes, lots of inspiration on how to cook in harmony with the seasons and news from River Cottage HQ. Hugh says about Where’s This From ”If, like me, you want to know more about where your food comes from, you’ll find this app incredibly helpful”.

To see the scrapbook, click here.


Wheres’s This From is shortlisted for the Young British Foodies Awards 2013

We’re thrilled to announce we have made the list of nominees for the Honorary section of 2013′s Young British Foodies Awards. The YBFs Foundation is here to shine a spotlight on grassroots talent in food and drink (in the annual awards) and provide a springboard to success with world class mentoring and commercial opportunities. Where’s This From has been nominated along with Pizza Pilgrims, the Real Bread Campaign, The Russet and Brockley Market.

You can find out more about the YBFs by clicking here.


Get to the meat of the matter: new app sources what’s in your food

Worried about the source of that supermarket steak following the horsemeat scandal? Then try the smartphone app called Where’s This From: simply type in the four-digit EU identification code (provided on all supermarket packaging) to find out what the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has to say about the operator who supplied the meat. The app is free and available for both Android devices  – and just launched – iPhones. Have a gander at to beef up some of your investigations.

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Our Top 10 favourite food apps

The internet is ripe with foodie smartphone apps. Team lovefood has downloaded dozens between them – here are our 10 favourites.Essential for shoppers who care about where their meat comes from. Simply locate the oval-shaped EU Identification Mark on the label (every packet of meat sold in a supermarket has one) and punch the code into the App…

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I had to share this amazing new App called ‘Where’s This From‘. It’s so clever, it tells you all about the meat you’re buying by accessing data published by the FSA, detailed info that you wouldn’t get find on the product itself…

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Where’s This From

As we are all about eating at MSK, we were thrilled to find a clever little app that helps you make informed decisions when purchasing meat from the supermarket – and it’s free!…

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Apps that save you cash

Can your smartphone help with your weekly shop? The App store and Android app collection bristle with products that promise to reduce your weekly shopping bills. But do they really work?…

Where’s This From: Are you concerned about the provenance of your meat in the wake of the horsemeat scandal? If so, this is the app for you. Every packet of meat that is sold in supermarkets carries an oval EU Identification Mark with a four-digit code, and the Where’s This From? app allows you to decode it. The app will tell you where the animal was slaughtered, cut and packed, and also what other types of meat are handled by that operator. Where available, the app shows you the level of compliance of the operator with Food Standards Agency requirements on hygiene processes and animal welfare.

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App won’t mince words on meat


If the horsemeat scandal made you anxious about meat from the supermarket, a new free smartphone app may restore your peace of mind… page 35 of the Daily Mail 2 May 2013


Where’s This From Food App

With the recent horse meat scandal, more and more shoppers want to know where their meat is from. We were over the moon to discover new App Where’s This From – you won’t make a trip to the supermarket again without it.

Where’s This From food app helps shoppers find out more about UK supermarket meat, offering necessary information on food provenance, animal welfare and hygiene standards. The easy to use App works with supermarket labels and helps shoppers understand more about their food and essentially, what is going into their bodies.

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New food app for meat: Where’s This From

‘Where’s This From’ is a great new app launched to give shoppers more information about meat on the supermarket shelves. Every packet of meat sold in supermarkets has an oval EU Identification Mark with a four digit code. This code links to the Food Standards Agency (FSA) data on approved meat operators in Great Britain. By entering the code into the app it will bring up the name, location and activities of the operator. This information includes what other meats are handled by them and the level of compliance with the FSA such as animal welfare and hygiene. The app also allows for users to feedback whether they bought the meat or not. ‘Where’s This From’ is a free app currently available on Android and will be coming soon to the iPhone.

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New App helps shoppers find out more about UK supermarket meat

Now more than ever people want to understand more about their food. Shoppers will now be able to find out much more information on UK supermarket meat by using a new, free android App called Where’s This From.

  • Where's that from appWhere’s This From is a new free App that tells shoppers more about UK supermarket meat.
  • The App provides information on food provenance, animal welfare and hygiene standards.
  • It’s easy to use for shoppers as it works with existing supermarket labelling.

The App provides food provenance, animal welfare and hygiene standards information on cuts of meat and mince. Using publicly available data published by the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA), the App tells you the name, location and activities of approved operators (slaughterhouses, cutting plants and game handling establishments) who are the last stage of the supply chain to UK supermarkets. You can also see all the different types of meat handled by an operator.

Most revealingly the App shows the level of compliance of an operator with FSA standards for hygienic production and animal welfare. This allows shoppers to see whether an operator is the “best in the class” for compliance or if they “could do better”.

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The Grocer

Meat provenance app launched to reassure consumers over horsemeat scandal

Supermarket shoppers will soon be able to check their meat is up to standard thanks to the launch of a free app…

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